Our purpose is the proper learning of foreign languages with a guarantee of the best result.

Penny Giannakopoulou was born and raised abroad and at the ’80s she came to Greece. She has dealt with the field of education and every year both she and her colleagues participates in educational seminars. She has over 30 years of experience and has been owner of a foreign language school since 2003. With multilevel training, she offers innovative teaching methods.

Penny Giannakopoulou has certified to:

Developmental education

Intelligent technologies in the field of education

Special seminars on dyslexia

(as all the teachers also)

NLP training

Intercultural education

Innovative behavior analysis applications in the classroom

Our school

The facilities of an educational organization have their own important role in the process of learning, but also in students progress. We have created a friendly and modern environment that offers the best learning experience.

Our teachers

With over than 30 years of experience in teaching, Penny Giannakopoulou and her colleagues are offering the best way to learn foreign languages.

Penny Giannakopoulou

English teacher, Owner

Popi Taktikou

English & French teacher

Alexandra Kouroupi

German teacher

John Nikolopoulos

English teacher

Olga Simitzi

English teacher

Certified Examiners

We are an accredited foreign language school, from the largest certified examiners.

Together we will reach the top, step by step!